Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sales shopping in Evans

My mother in law very nicely bought me an Evans voucher for Christmas, so on January 8th I popped to Meadowhall on the way home from Sheffield to see what the sales racks held.

I picked up six items and took photos of a few for you!

I'd seen this jumper in Evans before Christmas. It's not overly clear on the photo but the pink bits are deer and it's very fluffy. It is really a Christmas jumper but it'll save for this year! I bought this, it was £15

This top was a really strange peplum type thing, and although you can't see, it was as long as my knees at the back. The top I'm wearing under it was a spaghetti strapped satin one, I didn't buy either of these.

This tunic top appealed to me because of the rose pattern. It was a bit tight on me, though.

This dress is two layers - the top is lace with roses on it. In this photo and in the shop some roses looked blue, but when I wore it they looked purple! I liked it a lot though, so bought it. It was also £15. 

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