Saturday, January 23, 2016

What I Wore December 30th

My aunt and uncle were staying at my grandma's between Christmas and New Year so we got together a couple of times for food and games, and Lee and I also had a cousins outing to the cinema to see Star Wars with Rob, Peter, and Beth (it was EXCELLENT).

I wore things that I've posted before, mostly, but I did wear this new skirt. I bought it off a Facebook selling group, but it's handmade. It's really flowy and huge, I love it!

Skirt is handmade, top is from Evans, shrug is from New Look

I devised a history quiz, here's one team (my grandma, cousin Rob, Lee)

Another team (Neil, Peter, Caroline)

Here's me and Peter, he's my baby! Even though he is seventeen now!

And here's the whole family! You can see my skirt better here. 
Me, Lee, my mum, my stepdad Norman, my grandma, Peter, Caroline, Neil, Beth, Rob

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