Monday, January 4, 2016

What I Wore 23rd December and a trip to Manchester

My friends from college and I always have lunch together to swap presents and catch up before Christmas, and it's always lovely. We alternate where we go - last year it was Ilkley and this year we decided to go to Manchester where Amy and Michelle live. Sadly Ailsa couldn't make it this year. Gillian and I car-shared from Yorkshire so it was lovely to get extra chat time with her!

We went to Greens in Didsbury which is a vegetarian restaurant as Amy is vegan. It was delicious! I had hummus to start with, then a bean burger with chips, and then a chocolate and orange pot with a red wine syrup shot.

Hipster burger in an enamel dish, tsh

And dessert in a kilner jar for goodness sake!

Here's what I wore - a dress from Joe Browns that I bought last year, and my cardigan from George. I feel like it's a festive pattern!

And here's my beautiful presents from my friends! I can't wait to open them (but I will)

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