Thursday, February 22, 2018

Visit to Prashad

Towards the end of January I went out with my friend Laura for tea. We went to Prashad, near Birstall, where we've been before, because we know it's nice and because Laura, as a vegetarian, likes to have a lot of choice. We met at 5pm, just as the restaurant was opening, so we quickly got a seat. All the waiters are really nice, which I like. We ordered some drinks and were given an amuse bouche each. It was delicious.

We had poppadums and pickle tray first of all. The pickles were different from in other Indian restaurants, I really liked them all. For starter I had lassan paneer tikka, which came beautifully presented. There were three really substantial pieces of paneer and two mushrooms, all coated in a really spicy coating. The raita was delicious too. The whole starter was really filling and quite spicy (and I like spicy!) but so good. Laura had a different paneer dish.

For mains Laura had kofte, and I had the massala dosa that I had last time. It's a potato curry served in a dosa, which is like a huge crepe. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat it all, so I immediately cut it in half so that I could bring some home for lunch the next day. I never have any qualms about doing that in restaurants - you paid for it, ask if you can take it if you want it!

After that neither of us had any room for dessert, but we each had a hot drink. Peppermint tea for Laura and a decaffeinated Americano coffee for me. It was really nice coffee and was served with hot milk and sugar. The bill was £66 which is a little bit more than you'd pay in some Indian restaurants but it's really fancy and feels really special. We'll definitely go again. I'm not vegetarian but I like to eat veggie food a lot and this tastes so nice.

I also had a delicious mango lassi, I often find they're too yoghurty but Prashad's one is really sweet and smooth, I wish I could get it everywhere!

I took some photos:

Gorgeous lassi

Lassan paneer tikka with raita

Massala dosa, served with lentil broth and coconut chutney

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