Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lunch at Carluccio's

Just after New Year I went to Meadowhall to see my friend Sarah for lunch. We'd already decided to go to Carluccio's to eat, because we had such a nice meal there just before Christmas 2016. We were dreaming of delicious food and lovely wine, which is exactly what we got. I like Carluccios because I know there's tons of stuff I like and I know it's consistently good. Plus, they usually have good deals on set menus, and this time I even had a voucher which gave us one main meal for £1 when we bought another.

To start with, I had arancini balls, which are one of my favourite starters in Italian restaurants. They're always so crispy and yummy. I'd actually really like to have a go at making some!

Next I had Gemelli alla Luganica, which is new on the menu. It is spicy sausage in a rich tomato sauce with really big pasta - the gemelli in the title. It was absolutely yummy, I'd definitely have it again. We shared a garlic focaccia too which was really salty and garlicky - perfect!

We'd already decided to have three courses, so we ordered desserts and more drinks. I really like Sanpellegrino - I've written a whole zine about fizzy drinks and this one scores highly. 

Then for dessert I had tiramisu. I love tiramisu and this was pretty good, although I would've liked the sponge to have a little more alcohol. It was nice, though. 

Sarah and I meet up quite often to have food and put the world to rights. We usually go to Yo Sushi but Carluccio's is definitely a nice change!

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