Friday, June 22, 2018

What I Wore May 27th

I had no clue what I wanted to wear for my mum's birthday, but when I was searching for what to wear the day before I came across my Sprinkle of Glitter skirt and thought it would be nice for a party. I didn't know what to wear with it, so I searched through a lot of tops before coming across this one from Evans, which I've had for about five years. I know that for certain because I can remember wearing it in Benidorm in 2013! I thought the two items looked nice together.

I would probably have left my legs bare except I hadn't shaved them, so I decided to wear my grey leggings from Joe Brown's. I love them but they're quite thick and I was really hot. It was lovely that the weather was so nice because it meant we could sit outside all weekend, but it was really sweaty and sticky too!

Lots of people said they liked my outfit which was nice of them! I would wear this again, I think the pieces worked well together.

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