Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Haircut

I hadn't had my hair cut since last July and it was driving me nuts. I used to have waist-length hair which I tied back all the time. It looked shorter because it curled, but straightened it was really long. Then in March 2009 I took the plunge and my mother-in-law cut it all off. Since then I've always worn it down (unless it's really filthy), even when it's grown longer as it had recently.

I hate hairdressers; I hate looking at myself in the mirror for so long, I hate having the sit without my glasses on, I hate not being able to hear what the stylist is saying over the noise of the dryers. I like dyeing my hair but I don't like paying salon prices when Lee can do an equally good job (he's really good at it!). I often get Lee's mum to cut it for me but she's in Durham and I'm not. I went to a salon last July and got an okay cut, and then Lee dyed it black which I actually love.

I had black hair in my teens (such a goth) but hadn't since then, but I think it suits me. It brings out the blue in my eyes and even when it fades it goes to a lovely dark brown that is almost my natural colour. (My natural colour is a mousy brown with a strong auburn hint to it). It's much better than red because when that fades it just looks terrible on me. I'm keeping the black.

My friend Bettie cut my hair on Easter Sunday in my mother's back garden and did an excellent job. This photo was taken before I re-dyed it black, so you can see what I mean about the fade.

I love it - so much better for the summer!

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  1. Well, your hair looks lovely, and I prefer black as well. I know what you mean about that salon intimidation. I think it's great to pamper yourself sometimes with a professional cut and color, though. It took me some time, but I did find a salon where I felt welcomed immediately and very comfortable. Don't give up, they're out there!