Friday, April 3, 2015

Plotting a Novel

So you might know that I'm currently studying for my MA in Writing at Sheffield Hallam University. I did three modules of taught stuff, which ended last May, and now I have to write a novel and submit it in two parts. My novel is a Young Adult novel because I love YA literature.

A few weeks ago I had a very good tutorial with my tutor where he said there were no particular problems with my writing and that all I needed to do was plot my novel. I am rubbish at planning and usually just write, but since this is for my MA it means I really should know what I'm doing (or at least try to).

Due to several issues I find it really difficult to plot on screen, so I went old school and bought some supplies. I had a sheet of white paper with each chapter number on it, and I spread them across the futon in our attic. I had bought post it notes with several colours, so I had a colour for each main character and one for what they were doing as a whole. Then I started to write their story arcs on the post its, and stuck them on to the chapter sheets.

That way, I could see if there was an imbalance between the characters, and I could make sure I was dripping things in from the beginning, and make sure that all loose ends were tidied up. I hope it works! Here's some photos.

I didn't REALLY need the pink set on the top left - containing elastic bands, bulldog clips, paper clips, and drawing pins - but they were just so pretty I couldn't resist. And PINK!

And here's what plotting looked like! I then gathered all the sheets and put them into the pink folder above, with a key on the front and post it notes inside. That way it's portable for when I'm writing.

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