Monday, April 27, 2015

Here's What I Would've Spent Challenge - Topshop

Here's what I would've spent in Topshop if they did my size. I've always liked Topshop's aesthetic, it closely matches mine. I've never really shopped there though; I think I got sized out of it before I was really old enough to go there. I sometimes pick up a pair of their shoes secondhand, because I just don't feel like endorsing them with my money since they won't cater to me. 

But, if I could, here's a few things that have caught my eye:

How amazing is this denim pinafore?

I LOVE the pattern of this dress, and the Bardot shoulders

I love the colour of this dress

I LOVE this skirt. I used to have a bag that looked like this. LOVE

I could browse Topshop all day. I so wish they'd make a plus size range. Get on it, Arcadia Group!

Here's the other lovelies joining in this challenge:

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