Thursday, June 18, 2015

Photo An Hour 23rd May

23rd May was this month's Photo An Hour hosted by Jane (Is That You Darling) and Louisa (Duck in a Dress). It was a very boring day for me - Lee's band was playing at a festival in Manchester and staying over, so he left early and I was alone to do work. So some of these photos are a bit creative but here we are anyway!

9am and this is my "why am I awake at this time" face

10am, Lee left and I laid in bed reading this.

11am, still reading. 

Noon and I suppose I had better get in the shower.

1pm and I was still getting dry/ready

2pm and I was doing work.

3pm while listening to my digital radio. I've had this years, Lee bought it for me.

4pm and this is my new cup, I love it. Just filled with water.

5pm. This photo sits next to my desk and it's several of my good friends from my wedding

I forgot 6pm as I was still working. This is 7pm, watching Peter Kay's Car Share on iPlayer. I liked it a lot

8pm and I ordered food - so good.

9pm and I'm watching Grace and Frankie which I also really enjoyed.

10pm and I'm watching Mary Berry - I LOVE her.

11pm found me back in bed reading this!

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