Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I Wore 26th May

I haven't been taking many outfit photos recently as I've been in a real low mood and also haven't been going out much, meaning that I haven't been wearing much to write about (my in-house clothing choices leave a LOT to be desired!)

However, at the end of May I had a really busy week seeing several friends and going to events meaning that I took photos of my outfits and what I was doing. All these posts are finally getting me caught up!

Anyway, on Tuesday 26th May I went to Leeds to see my friend Gillian. She is getting married very soon so we were talking about that. We went to Frankie and Benny's which was delicious as usual.

I wore this pink Lovedrobe dress that I bought from Evans in the New Year sales for just £12. I haven't worn it before. The lighting in the lift where I took the photo wasn't great, but it's a lovely bright pink in real life. I wore it with this black shrug from New Look.

It's a shift dress which I wouldn't usually go for, but I think it looked nice!

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