Saturday, June 6, 2015

Trip to Mugen Tea House

When Von came to stay I picked her up in Sheffield as I had to hand in some MA work too, and she wanted to go to Mugen Tea House as it's owned by a friend of hers, Sarah. It's really easy to find, not far from Sheffield University, and has plenty of street parking nearby. (It is, like everything else in Sheffield, on a hill).

Sarah greeted us warmly and then proudly showed us all her tea choices. I'm not mad keen on tea but I do like raspberry tea, so Sarah recommended this mixed fruit one. I think Von had peppermint? They were served in these glass steeping pots with vintage china to drink from.

It was delicious tea!

Von and I both chose the Ploughman's lunch - Sarah has a choice of fresh sandwiches etc. This was yummy, really simple but excellent.

I then had this delicious cup of hot chocolate - very bitter so it needed sugar, but excellent

Mugen is a fairly big space and Sarah is keen for community groups to use it - get in touch with her if you're interested!

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