Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Punkypins sale splurge!

My BFF Sam has bought quite a few pins from Punky Pins over the years and recently let me know that they were having a sale. I went on the website and found loads of stuff in the sale, from 83p! Eighty-three pence! Gosh. I went a bit mad and bought fifteen different things, which with postage came to around £18. I think you'll agree that that is a bargain!

First of all these are all the brooches/pins I bought, plus a pair of dangly earrings.

A nautical star pin, one that says "Be awesome", one that says "Be yourself", and one that says "Wild and free". Then these gorgeous tattoo art style dangly earrings in the shape of swallows. I need to put some of these pins on my jacket!

And here's the eight pairs of earrings I bought, plus a very cute deer necklace. The earrings are bees, more swallows, clouds, teapots, strawberries, birds, mushrooms, and blue anchors. 

Now the eagle eyed amongst you might be able to see that there's only fourteen items here but I bought fifteen. That's because one thing went off to my friend Lucinda as a present... Hope she likes it!

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