Thursday, August 25, 2016

What I Wore August 13th

I had been looking on Simply Be for day dresses and saw this one. It reminded me very much of the Scarlett & Jo dresses with its plain top and floral skirt, but I liked the added twist of the lace sleeves. I love a lace sleeve because they show off my tattoos!

I also fell in love with these shoes; I like sandals but just don't have enough that are scure on my feet like these are. I thought the two went nicely together so wore them for a trip to Sheffield to meet some friends and eat burritos.

The only problem is that the fabric of the skirt is shinier than I was expecting, sort of like scuba material. I still like it, but I think it's the only dress I have like this so far!

I really liked the browns and creams of the floral skirt, I think they're nice for the summer but also will be nice in the autumn

Here you can get a better view. The dress is available here for £55. The neck is a cute sweetheart shape and the lace sleeves are really nice. The wide elastic waistband is one of my favourite things because I think it suits my shape

Here are the shoes. They're Sole Diva ones so they're a wide fitting and feel really comfortable. They're real leather which is great, and they're a really pretty gold colour. The laces are a little plain so I might replace them with some ribbon or something. The shoes are available here for £30.

Check out the rest of Simply Be's day dresses here.

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