Tuesday, March 14, 2017

30 balls of wool for a 30th birthday present

I wanted to share this earlier but obviously had to wait until I'd given the gift before I could! Fortunately my friend Sarah loved the present!

When Lee turned 30 in 2012, I made him a box with 30 bars of chocolate in it. Lee loves chocolate so I knew it would go down well! When the first of my college friends, Amy, turned 30 in 2013, I bought her 30 vegan snacks. When I turned 30, my friend Sam bought me 30 different sets of stickers, which are all too beautiful to actually use! It's a fun way of celebrating someone's 30th.

My friend Sarah turned 30 in Februiary and from Christmas I was wondering what to buy her. Sarah is really into crafting, so I decided I'd buy her 30 balls of wool for knitting and crochet. I had a really fun time browsing eBay for lots of wool and bought the last ones from loveknitting.com. I like wool myself so had fun squidging all the balls! I didn't want to wrap them all so I just packed them all into a big carrier bag and tied a ribbon around the handles.

I only bought balls of wool which still had their paper on, so then Sarah could be sure of the weight and type of each ball. Some of the lots I bought had part-used balls in too, so I kept those. A sacrifice, I'm sure you'll agree! There were loads of different types, including that purple yarn you can see at the back right of the photo - I've no idea how Sarah will crochet that!

I love thinking up gifts like this. My friend Sam turns 30 in June and I'm already plotting what to give her...

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