Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What I Wore 25th February

This is what I wore at Sheffield Zine Fest, because where else are you going to wear a unicorn dress? I got so many compliments on it which was really nice of people. The dress is very slightly too short for my liking, so I feel like I pull it down way too much. Oh well, it was fun to wear for the day!

It's by Cow Cow and I've heard their sizing is all shot to pieces now, so I haven't bothered buying anything else from them. Still, I love the colour and the print. My necklace was also a unicorn pendant, I bought it years ago and can't remember ever wearing it before!

Just before the zine fest started

Here's the badge I was wearing, my friend Jane sent me it for Christmas. It says "Wearing whatever the hell I want" on it. Appropriate for wearing with a unicorn dress!

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