Tuesday, January 30, 2018

2017's Secret Santas

I did three Secret Santas at Christmas, which is fewer than normal but I just wasn't feeling Christmas last year. Usually I'm really up for it and love getting gifts ready for people and wrapping them up all fancy. But, I didn't feel the same. I think making Lee's blanket meant all my energy was focussed on that, and it left very little room for anything else. Poor Lee ended up doing most of the wrapping and sorting things out for Christmas, which I'm really grateful for.

But, I did sort out these Secret Santas and I had fun doing them, so I'm not sorry I signed up for them. I hope that the gifts I sent were well received in return!

First of all was this parcel from someone through Emma's blog, it came from Ireland but I'm not too sure of the sender. It was book based, so The Princess and the Suffragette was off my wishlist. I LOVED A Little Princess when I was little so I'm really excited to read this sequel. I also got a notebook, some tapes, a face mask, some chocolate, some moisturisers, and a little purse, all of which are things I like and have already put to use! The hair clip on the top left will look lovely on a special occasion, too, I'm sure! Thank you for my gifts, if you're reading this! 

Secondly, I got this parcel through Janet's thrifty gift swap, which long time readers might remember from previous years. Everything in this swap is supposed to be second hand or handmade or thrifty, which makes it a lot of fun to put together. This parcel came from Hope and I was so spoilt! There are three books, ones which all look intriguing and which are all, I think, second hand. There's a mug with a cat on it, which is my favourite kind of mug! The box underneath the mug has Christmas stamps and tapes in, which will be so useful next year. There are scented candles shaped like reindeer, and a handmade card and more tapes. And then the green thing is my favourite thing, it's a handmade quilled Christmas tree, and it was made by prisoners at a women's prison sold to make money for them. I absolutely love it, and it's great that the money for it went to such a worthy cause. Thank you so much for this whole parcel!

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