Sunday, March 14, 2021

Afternoon Out in Rivelin Park

At the end of February Lee and I went to Rivelin Park for a walk and a sit in the sunshine. We went there last summer so we knew it was nice and accessible for me. The last Sunday in February was really bright with sunshine so we decided to go. We picked up some lunch on the way there, and then sat in the sunshine eating that. There were people about but it wasn't stupidly busy, so it felt fine. The fresh air and sunshine felt so nice!

After lunch we walked past the fishing lake and along the river to the cafe. It was a lot busier round there, but we got an ice cream and sat right by the river to eat it. I was wearing my wrap and was warm enough, but Lee was bare armed in his t-shirt and said he was fine.

We didn't stay much longer after that as Lee had to get back to do some work, but we had walked enough of a way for me, and I felt pleasantly tired! I really hope we can go back in the summer and paddle again!

Me and Lee just after we'd finished lunch

The weir about halfway up our walk

The fishing lake

I just liked how old this bridge was

And I loved this bridge

Eating a Magnum! It was a vegan one! I've not had one before. It wasn't too different from a regular one, the ice cream was somehow colder and the chocolate was nice and crumbly

Where we sat to eat ice creams

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