Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Camping in Essex - Day 2

After our disastrous night of sleep Lee and I were both really tired, but we were doing breakfasts and it had to be done by 10.30 so we got started. We were doing toast with smashed avocado and fried eggs - I couldn't fathom poaching eggs for so many people so we went with fried instead. I mashed the avocado with chilli, pepper, lime juice, tomatoes. My stepdad helped with the toast and eggs. I also made tofu scramble! I've been meaning to forever but haven't got round to it. I crumbled firm tofu into a pan with some oil, and fried it for a bit, then added chilli and turmeric. Everyone tried it and a couple of people said they really liked it. It is like a firm scrambled egg. I'm glad I made it and will do so again!

After breakfast a few of us set off to Tiptree to go to a craft shop there. My aunt had arranged to meet her friend at the shop and for lunch, so she went with my cousin's wife Beth. Lee, my mum and I went in my mum's car as we weren't sure we wanted lunch. The shop was like a Tardis - it just went back and back and back! It had craft products of ALL kinds including yarn, fabric, scrapbooking stuff, dolls house stuff... all kind of things! I was quite restrained though and didn't buy much. My mum bought some fabric. 

We set off back to Mersea Island and decided to stop at a shop nearby to have a drink and a piece of cake. I had a fantastic scone with jam and clotted cream. We bought some souvenirs at the shop, and then went back to camp. I'm not sure what everyone else had been doing while we were gone! Caroline and Beth arrived back some time after us, they'd enjoyed the shop too.

Lee and Peter and I then went for a drive to West Mersea. There was a gala on so it was quite busy, so we didn't stop, but it had lots of nice shops and pubs and I would definitely go back one day. We did park at the end of one street and went on to the beach. We sat there for a while which was lovely. Did I say I've been trialling contact lenses? I had them in as you can tell in the selfie photo! 

Back at camp my aunt and uncle made curry for tea, it was so nice. It was cold again so we ended up sitting inside the tent again. It was a nice, relaxed day. 

We went to bed but then I needed the loo again - I'd been drinking White Russians with my cousin and I was drunker than I thought! But my new phone has a thing that opens the aperture for longer or whatever, and I managed to get photos of the stars! I'm so impressed, in the original photo you can see loads! 

Fried eggs and tofu scramble on the way

Cream tea for lunch

My stepdad, mum, and uncle being ridiculous on the way to the loos

West Mersea beach

And the channel

Looking the other way

Me and Lee and Peter

It was a nice beach

Peter trying out his depth perception

The sunset was pretty

Rob and Beth made pavlova for pudding

Stars! I'm so happy I got photos

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