Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Evening Out in Manchester

So as I said in my last post, me, Lee, my mum, and stepdad were in Manchester for my birthday. We had a relaxing drink in the bar, got changed, and headed out into Manchester for a meal.

Since it was my birthday I got to choose, so I decided on Mexican and we went to Las Iguanas. We've been to the one in Leeds (for Lee's 30th in August last year actually) so we knew what to expect. We had a great time!

Here's what I wore:

The dress is from the 2nd Clements Rebeiro Swan collection, it was my main Christmas present from my mum and I've worn it a few times since then. It's effortlessly dressy and comfortable to wear. I'm wearing black leggings from Evans and black boots from Peacocks. 

Here's a closer look:

My mum and I had champagne cocktails to start off with! You can see the colours on the dress a lot better here. My lipstick is by Beauty UK and Rachel helped me to pick it out in Doncaster, because she is the queen of red lipstick! 

Here's some of what we had to eat and drink:

I loved the decor in the restaurant, I love the colourful saint pictures

After we'd eaten I knew that we were close to Albert Square, so I made us walk up. I went in November when I went to the Christmas Markets in Manchester, and I knew how pretty it was. Although it was freezing we had a nice wander. 

This is Manchester Town Hall.

The fountain was really frozen!

My mum and me on the steps of the Town Hall. 

After the walk we got a taxi back to the hotel and went to bed early to make sure we were ready for the next day!

Oh, I should point out that most of these photos were taken by my mum or stepdad on my mum's camera. 


  1. Ooh nice dress. I recently bought Evans leggings and they're soooo nice!

  2. Love the dress on you and the lippy looks fab xx

  3. Pretty pretty pretty and perfect lippy! :) x

  4. Looks fantastic love your photos too xxx