Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fat shopping in Doncaster

Saturday 5th January saw me and several others hit Doncaster for a rad fat shopping trip. Above are Lisa, me, Becky, Lisa, and Rachel. I stole this photo from Laura, you can see her post here for more ace pictures. Doncaster is some kind of fat shopping Mecca - it has a Simply Be store, a Yours store, an Evans, and the biggest Inspire range in New Look that I've ever been in. It also has a really great cut price make up shop called Dazzle. The train and bus stations are also right next to the shopping centre - you don't even have to go outside - making it a great and accessible place if you can't walk very far. 

When I set up the shopping trip, I honestly thought there'd be four of us - me, Lisa (the one on the left), Laura, and Rachel. We've been shopping before and socialised together. But Laura brought her friend Lisa, Beth and Steph came from Lancashire, and Becky even travelled all the way from Bath. It's really great what can be achieved when we get together. We were quite a spectacle, I think - eight fat girls wandering through the shopping centre. One man even turned to his wife and said scathingly, "Oh look, it's a fatties outing". To which I turned, laughed, and said, "Yes, it is!" Thanks for trying to insult us. It didn't work.

As you can see, we all shopped ourselves out. I was lucky because my mum told me to buy myself birthday presents. I don't need to be told twice! I spent £44 in Simply Be, I will show you these at a later date. 

I'm wearing a black, orange, and yellow dress from Tesco last summer, it was just £8 in the sale! And a black hoodie from H&M that I got secondhand, I wear it all the time.

I am sure we'll organise another shopping trip before long - maybe the beginning of July? You'd be very welcome to come!

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  1. a great day with lovely ladies and can't wait for the next trip! I need to save up the pennies :)