Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Wore January 26th

On Saturday 26th I had to go to a fairly formal event for my 2nd job. I actually have three jobs - one two days a week, one 8 hours a week from home/with events when I have to, and one 2 days a month. It's complicated, I know. You don't have to keep up.

Anyway I had to go to this formal event so I decided to wear a new black dress, I got it in the sale from Asos Curve and this is a size 26. I haven't bought anything from them in ages but they're really upped their games, I love this!

Please excuse my messy kitchen! I told Lee to move in a bit further. Anyway, black dress from Asos Curve, purple leggings from Forever 21+ years ago, Avon make up, and those ubiquitous black boots I've been wearing because of all the snow!

I'm also wearing a pearl necklace that I've recently had restrung. I felt that added a touch of formality. I felt damn fabulous!


  1. Lovely and love that you wore it with coloured leggings!! :)

  2. Those purple leggings are fantastic.

  3. Never been brave enough for coloured leggings, nice look :)