Friday, October 24, 2014

Raues Review

I was contacted by Raues who make plus size customable clothes. They have a nice range of clothes and all of them can be customised by length, sleeves, neck-line, whether you want pockets, and so on. I chose the Angie dress as I liked the colour and the detail on the neckline.

When you sign up to Raues you get to a page where you have to enter lots of measurements from all parts of your body so that they can make the clothing accurate to your body. There are really clear pictures to show where on your body you should be measuring, and with the exception of my height I managed to do them all myself.

The dress arrived quickly from the US and nicely packaged. It is fully lined and has a zip on one side to help putting it on and off.

I love the top, I love the neckline and the way it sits on my chest. I like the pockets, too - I always appreciate pockets. The dress is short on me so I will wear it with jeggings.

I took these pictures in the dark so the colour isn't accurate, see the website for a more accurate colour. You could also check out Fat Heffalump, who got the same dress for review!

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