Monday, October 6, 2014

What I Wore Sept 28th

Last week Lee and I were on holiday in Cornwall. He'd never been before, and it's somewhere I haven't been since I was little, so I booked our summer holiday there. We tend to go late on in the "summer" as it's cheaper, but we can't always guarantee good weather. However, we had beautiful days of sunshine and warmth, I didn't put my hoodie on once and barely needed my cardigan! I'll be showing some outfit photos and some holiday photos too :) 

This grey top with a red patterned kiss on it came from H&M recently and it's perfect for bumming about it on holiday. It's a thin material but has a rough cut neckline which I really like, and nice length sleeves. 

This was taken on top of the cliffs at Widemouth Bay, just near Bude where we stayed. 

This photo was taken back at our cottage so you can see the pattern more closely. This top is quite see through, too; I'm glad I was wearing a pink bra!

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  1. I love the t shirt! Shame it's a bit of a flasher of a garment though. ;) x