Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What I Wore September 29th and visit to Newquay

After we had been to Jamaica Inn we drove to Newquay as I've never been and wanted to see it. It's on the north Cornwall coast and it's famous for surfing. We parked by the beach and wandered down. Now a couple of months ago I bought myself some beach shoes which are rubber soled and made out of wetsuit material and are ideal for walking on rocks and things. I'd left them back at the cottage though, which was a bummer!

The tide was quite far out and there were signs warning about where you could surf and where you could swim. There were lots of people in the water doing both, and then a small powered craft came too close to the surfers. There was a siren, and then a lifeguard on a megaphone in the building behind us telling the craft how far to go back, in no uncertain terms! It was great to see they take so much care over keeping everyone safe.

The lifeguard building is on the left

Here's what I wore. The t-shirt was from Asos last year and the skirt is the black one from Yours Clothing I wear a lot. I love ducks so the t-shirt was ideal for me!

As you can see I was reduced to tucking my skirt into my knickers so I didn't get it wet!

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