Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trebarwith Strand Take 1

A couple of months ago I started reading the blog of a lady called Jo who lives in Yorkshire like I do. She is a crocheter also like me so I added her to my blog reader. This summer she went to Cornwall with her family and went to Trebarwith Strand. I looked on the map and it wasn't too far from where we were so on the Wednesday of our holiday we went.

We'd been bowling in the morning in Launceston and had lunch there, so we went to Trebarwith Strand in the afternoon. It was quite overcast so we didn't go on the beach just walked across the wide rocky bit and looked at the stream. 

We got an ice cream from the surf shop and watched a class of German kids do a bodyboarding lesson. It looked like fun! It started to rain as we were sitting eating our ice creams, but we were warm so we stayed, and then we finally got back in the car to go back to the cottage.

This rock in the sea is called Gull Rock

You can't see but there were hundreds of mussels clinging to these rocks

I love how water carves a way through rock, it's amazing

Thank you to the lady who took this photo of us! My dress is from Asos, ages ago, and I'm wearing a plain black top from New Look and a cardigan from H&M

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