Sunday, October 26, 2014

St Ives

On our way back from Land's End we stopped at St Ives' beach for a little paddle. As you've seen, I love paddling. Lee isn't keen, though, as he doesn't like sand on his feet and legs. But in July when I went to Whitby with my friend, I bought a pair of beach shoes for myself thinking that they'd be great for my camping trip (and they were!). They're made out of wetsuit material but have a grippy rubber sole on the bottom so they're great.

So Lee and I bought him a pair too. And he really liked them and as long as we made sure we had a towel for damp feet too, he was happy to paddle with me. This beach had a wide area of water left behind when the tide went out which was perfect to paddle in. 

St Ives is a really pretty beach although I can imagine in high summer it would be nightmarishly busy!

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