Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Birthday post 2

These photos are from Sunday evening, when we had cake and wine (while I was in my nightie, I must point out), and from Monday where on our way home we went to a little town called Helmsley that I love. In the evening I went to Las Iguanas in Meadowhall with Lolly, Sarah, and Philippa, and Lee.

I do like to make my birthday last, what can I say?!

Cake and wine at 10pm on Sunday

There was a lake with lots of ducks in Thornton-le-Dale and on Monday morning we went to feed them. Some were so tame we could feed them from our hands!

This was the hot chocolate I had in Cafe Crema in Helmsley

And here's Sarah and I in Las Iguanas (photo by Lolly)

Here's Lolly and Philippa looking gorgeous

And here's the free cocktail I had! I must have signed up to Las Iguanas last year or something, and I got sent a voucher for a free main course. When we arrived, I got the main course AND a free cocktail! I was spoilt and it was delicious.

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