Friday, January 9, 2015

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

Happy New Year! I'm scheduling posts ahead of time as I'm ~not really here~ - I'm away in Derbyshire with family!

Anyway I thought I'd show you my Yankee Candle advent calendar which I bought in November ready for advent. I love scented candles and always have, but in recent years I just haven't used them. I hadn't ever bought from Yankee Candle before though for myself as I think the prices can be high. I've had a couple as presents but the scents have been strange - I'm quite particular about which scents I like.

Anyway in October a friend and I were in Peter Jones smelling all the seasonal scents from Yankee Candle so I got a gift set to split up between 3 people, and I realised that I liked all of the Christmas scents, so when I saw the advent calendar I decided to go for it. I bought it directly from Yankee Candle and it was £24.99 plus P&P.

There are 23 little tealight candles, and one bigger votive candle for the 24th which is the scent called Christmas Eve. So they are basically £1 each which suits me fine! The scents included are:

Candy Cane Lane
Christmas Memories
Christmas Garland
Spiced Orange
Christmas Cookie
Snowflake Cookie
Sugared Apple
Christmas Eve (the votive)

Now, apart from Spiced Orange, I can't definitively tell you which is which. There's one which I suppose smells like apples and one which might be Christmas Garland as it's a bit piney, but the rest are just differing flavours of 'sweet' to me. Not that I find that a problem, it's just that I can't share the knowledge with you!

I've been burning at least one every day, for several hours. In my picture, the ones that are low have been burnt three times for 3-4 hours each. So I'd say out of every tealight, the burn time is about 12 hours. I think that's really good.

I will definitely be buying this advent calendar next year as it's been really lovely and has made my house smell delicious!

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  1. This post is great! I have been thinking about getting some specialty candles for my mom this Christmas, and your post convinced me I need to! I love the variety of smells that comes in the packages. Which candle scent did you think is the best? Plus, the burn time is great for the size! Thanks for sharing!