Friday, January 23, 2015

Daxon New Year New Style

I was contacted recently by Daxon and invited to check out their new website and new styles. I have heard of the company before and think I may have even bought from them way back in time, but I hadn't checked them out in a while. The website is clean and easy to navigate. I would say that many of the items aren't aimed at me but at someone older. That isn't to put them down - they're great clothes with elegance and style, and I bet my mum would like a lot of them, especially for special occasions.

That being said, there are still a lot of things that I would wear. Part of the request from Daxon was to pick pieces that would represent how I would like my style to be this year. I'm a dress and leggings kind of person, so I headed for the plus size dresses section.

I love the colour of this and think it looks like a really comfortable dress for the summer. This is the type of thing I'd wear while camping as it's easy but stylish

I love the colour of this dress and would take it on holiday when I go to France in June. I think it's really stylish

I'm not sure this would suit me but I absolutely love it, I think the colour and the pattern are stunning.

I like this skirt especially because up close the background is blue which really makes the red pop I think. I would wear this with a cream top. 

I swim a lot and I'm always on the look out for swimwear. I don't need it to be fancy or frilly or whatever, and this looks like a good basic suit. 

I always wear Mary Jane type shoes and I'm taken by the big button on this pair. They look like they'd be a sturdy shoe for running about in!

Have you checked out Daxon recently? I'd recommend it!

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