Saturday, January 17, 2015

What I Wore December 27th

On December 27th my stepdad's sister and her family came over to my mum's house and we had a buffet and played silly games and stuff. I love my step-aunt, she's lovely. Here's what I wore:

This tulle skirt was recently from H&M and it has been all over the place on the plus size blogger circuit! In fact you can see Debz' post featuring five fat babes wearing it here! I loved it and bought it straight away. I'm wearing the 3xl but it is so generous with lots of stretch so I'm sure smaller sizes would fit me.

The top is from Primark and is a size 20 but stretchy jumpers like this often fit me. It is quite shirt which is why I wore a grey t-shirt underneath, but in warmer weather I might think about baring my midriff!


  1. Prom Outfitters :
    An outfit with lots of stretch would be nice for that 3xl size.
    It is comfy and you can move directly.