Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Christmas table

I am still blogging lots of Christmas photos, I'm sorry as it's now the New Year and maybe no one but me still cares! But I like to spread out my posts so that I don't bore you all!

This was the table at my mum's on Christmas Day. There were just the four of us for lunch, and we like to spread out the meal throughout the day. We ate our starters of smoked salmon, prawns, tune pate, and homemade bread, at about 1pm. We ate turkey and all the trimmings at around 4pm, and we had dessert around 8pm! It makes it really nice and relaxed.

So colourful! The tablecloth is silver, the plate chargers are turquoise, the glasses are red :) 

These handmade stockings are a new tradition in our family. I made them a few years ago and my mum and I take it in turns to fill them with just a few little presents to open at the table. This year my mum did them and my gifts were nail polish, a flannel, and a clownfish keyring!

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