Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Photo A Day - Saturday 17th January

Louisa and Jane are sharing duties this year for Photo An Hour. It's something I really love to read because it's just the daily stuff of people's lives, so I'm going to try to join in with all of the days this year.

Saturday 17th was the first one, but it wasn't a normal Saturday for me. Monday 19th was my birthday, and on Boxing Day my family decided we should go away for it, so my mum booked it and we - me, Lee, my mum, and stepdad -  headed off to Thornton le Dale for the weekend. We stayed in Squirrel Cottage which is just a short stroll from the village centre. I'm linking to the cottage as it was absolutely beautiful and a bargain, I'd recommend a stay there if you want to see the area!

9am saw me looking at the ceiling in the cottage, barely awake. Lee and I took the twin room and it was very cosy

10am saw me wearing this very bright dress from Asos. It was in the sale at £14 and as my friend Sarah said, I'm dressed like Spring!

11am and my mum and stepdad were making a cooked breakfast for us - bacon, eggs, sausage, mushrooms and fried bread. Delicious!

Noon saw me putting on my boots in the living room ready to go out. We walked into the village. 

1pm and my mum was standing outside this antique shop in Thornton - le - Dale

Just after 2pm and we were in Pickering a short drive away, in a really nice cafe drinking hot chocolate. This Victoria sponge was delicious!

3pm and looking down Pickering high street. It has a lot of nice shops and good charity shops - Lee got two pairs of jeans for £11.50!

4pm and back into the warm where my stepdad built a fire 

5pm and the sun was over the yard arm as my mum and I drank Archers and lemonade

6pm and I was peeling potatoes for Lee to make Pan Haggerty for tea

7pm and I cooked steaks for my mum, stepdad, and I (Lee had chicken)

8pm saw this profiterole cake mousse thing from Sainsburys - highly recommended for the price!

9pm and Lee playing on his new tablet thing

10pm and we were playing a Who's Who game that we bought in the Mind charity shop for £1.95 - very good fun 

11pm, jewellery's off and I was on to the wine!

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