Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Small shopping splurge in York

I went to York on 17th March to see a friend of mine and we dropped into the Designer Outlet Village there. We didn't have much time so only went into a couple of shops, but this is what I picked up.

I haven't been shopping much recently as I'm trying to not spend as much money. However, I spent just £20 here! Bargain!

First stop was Claire's, which is cheap enough anyway but where the outlet has 1/3 off the marked prices. My friend wanted some sterling silver earrings and managed to pick up two pairs. I got some gold plated ones which I will put in the 2nd and 3rd holes in my earlobes. I don't change the earrings in those holes, I leave them in 24/7 so they have to be either gold or silver,

I got a new phone recently but only have one case for it, so I picked up three at bargain prices!

Yes they're horribly tacky - I love a bit of kitsch!

We then headed into the make up outlet store across the way, which sells loads of different make up brands at around a third off RRP. I could have honestly spent a fortune there! Instead I limited myself to this MAC nail polish which was £7. The shade is Discotheque and it's a gorgeous silver glitter. I can't wait to wear it!

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  1. Eh I kinda like the mobile phone covers :). Kitch is good hehe