Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holiday in Dorset - Seaton, Sidmouth and Beer

On the Wednesday of our holiday we went to Seaton, Sidmouth and Beer. Seaton was a nice little town; we ate lunch on the seafront and played in the arcades. We managed to win an X Men keyring for Lee! We drove to Sidmouth but there wasn't much of anything to be seen, except for lots of old people and red sea where the cliff was being eroded into the sea! So we didn't stay there long but went instead to Beer, which is a cute little place with a lovely beach. We had an ice cream and sat for a while before going back to the cottage. Lee made pan haggerty, which is a time intensive dish which is why he only makes it on holiday!

We practically had the beach to ourselves. One of the good things about going on holiday in October is that it's always just us and retired people!

Other way

Another selfie!

Lee took this photo of me, I'm wearing this Lollidot dress that I wore here, it's very comfortable and was just warm enough for the day. 

I liked this modern sculpture on the sea

I will never get sick of taking photos of the beach and the sea, sorry!

This seagull was HUGE!

This was Sidmouth - can you see the stripe of red in the water? 

It was really odd - the water looked like blood!

And here's why - the water was eroding the cliff. This has happened in quite a few places on the Dorset coast and will, I'm sure, continue to cause landslides and such things. 

At Beer, which reminded me of Robin Hood's Bay, there were loads of boats pulled on to the beach, and paths to walk between them which was useful, because walking on the stones is really hard going!

I really liked Beer, it felt like a bit of a hidden gem. My favourite kind of place!

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