Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Holiday in Dorset - the weekend

In October Lee and I went away to Dorset for a week. We stayed here near Lyme Regis and I'd utterly recommend it - the cottage was well-equipped and cosy and the on site swimming pool was great. It was really quiet and relaxing.

My aunt and uncle came for the weekend, so we all arrived on the Friday afternoon, unpacked, and then decided to go swimming. We had the pool to ourselves!

On Saturday we had a delicious brunch and then went down into Lyme Regis. We parked on the harbour and walked along the Cobb which features in Persuasion by Jane Austen. We went into the amusement arcades and a very full and intriguing vintage shop. It was a beautiful day - sunny with just a few clouds. Here's some pictures I took.

I liked all these lobster pots piled up together

The Cobb

I like harbours too

On the beach

I liked the fact that this boat was called Spanish Eyes

And I liked all these kayaks lined up ready for hire

This sandy bit of beach is fake - all the beach on this coast is pebbly/rocky, as you'll see in my further photos, but this bit has been made probably to play on and walk on comfortably!

A lot of the houses in Dorset are painted some gorgeous colours, I liked this pink one

And I couldn't resist this picture of these pastel beach huts!

Lee and I cooked a very yummy fish pie on Saturday evening - it was really simple and I'll definitely do it again. On Sunday my aunt and uncle went for a walk and Lee and I went to play mini golf. Again it was beautiful sunshine and we were both in short sleeves, no need for a cardigan or hoodie!

Looking down over the mini golf

I took this while we were playing - look at all that sunshine!

My aunt and uncle left on Sunday afternoon which was a shame, but we'd had a really lovely weekend together.

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