Saturday, December 24, 2016

What I Wore 12th December

12th December was my stepdad's birthday so we all went out to The Spiced Mango in Wakefield. It's an Indian restaurant but there's some really different dishes on the menu. We all had a starter and a main course and all were delicious.

I wore this Scarlett & Jo dress that I bought in the sale in summer 2015 I think, but had never worn. It still had the tags on! I tend to wear the red one more, but I thought I'd pull out the blue one for a change.

The lace sleeves are a perfect length for me and also provided some coverage outside. It's been really warm for the last few weeks, and it was warm in the car, so I didn't bother with my hoodie. The chiffon on the skirt really makes the dress feel special. I love the swish of it. I also really like this style with the elastic waistband, as evidenced by the fact that I own about seven like this!

As you can see the kitchen still isn't fully done, hence the stuff around me. That's the first project for 2017!

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