Monday, April 24, 2017

Photo An Hour March 18th

March 18th was Photo An Hour and I happened to be in Swansea. My friend Kirsty and I have written a zine about gender and other social justice issues in crime shows, and it was time to put it together. I stayed with Cath and Daf, and Kirsty did too. Cath was working on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer zine so it was full of scissors and glue!

We started on Friday evening, printing things out and starting the sticking. We went to bed at a reasonable hour and then got up quite early to carry on sticking. We did eventually leave the house for a bit, and went down to the seaside. Here's my photos!

Awake in Cath's spare room. 9am ish

This was what the dining table looked like for hours and hours. That little red box was for paper scraps. 10am

Pages were drying on the floor, we all had to keep stepping over them all. 11am

I took some rubber stamps to do some of the titles with. Noon

Cath! Looking gorgeous, and she was actually dressed by this point (I was still in my pyjamas). 1pm

I really liked this rose wallpaper and used it as a backing paper. I love selecting papers which will look good when they're photocopied. 2pm

We set off out in Cath's car to go down to Mumbles Pier. Not exactly 3pm, probably closer to 4pm.

I thought I'd share my photos of the beach just because they're so pretty, a bit desolate and lovely.

A selfie to prove we were all there at the same time

Let's call this one of Mumbles Pier 5pm. Shortly after this we set off back into town to go to the dessert restaurant.

We went to Kaspa's and met up with Kirsty's housemate. 6pm

I think at this point we'd finished sticking all the content! The sheer number was just overwhelming! We were so proud of us! 7pm

This is the front cover, isn't it beautiful? If you'd like a copy let me know! I did this, Kirsty was pretty happy to let me have free rein on it. 8pm

Kirsty numbering pages. By this time we were slightly hysterical and just needed it to be finished.

I was drinking pink wine. 10pm

This is the tired and mad face of a zinester who has put together a 64 page zine in a day. Go team us! 11pm

I ended up back where I started - in bed! Midnight. 

The end!

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  1. You've inspired me and Laura to have a zine-making day when we put together our 90s zine, thank you!