Friday, April 14, 2017

Weekend in Derbyshire - Day 1

Last month a group of five of us went away for the weekend. Sam and Jacqui and I do lots together, and we've been away with Sarah before, and we've been away with Steph in a group, but we'd never been away as a fivesome and last year decided we wanted to. We booked this cottage near Matlock in Derbyshire and I'd definitely recommend it because it was really gorgeous and finished to a high standard.

Sam, Steph, Jac and I all had Friday off so we met up and set off. We'd been told by the owners that we could get into the cottage at any time which was really helpful as it meant we got there around noon and took all our luggage in. We then went to Bakewell for lunch and then to the supermarket before Sarah arrived in the evening.

Some photos are mine, some from my camera and some from my phone. Some are Steph's, so thank you very much for taking so many!

Steph and Jac in a very quaint little cafe in Bakewell called the Lavender Rooms. It was really delicious food

Sam - I love this photo of her

And me! Wearing my Girl Gang t-shirt again

Steph took this photo and I absolutely adore it. We have so few pictures of the three of us! I'm definitely getting this printed

My extremely yummy hot chocolate

Steph's picture of her lunch - a Derbyshire rarebit. I had the same thing, it was good.

We wandered around the shops, going into charity shops and bookshops. Jac and Sam bought a dress each and I think we all bought books. You know me, I can never resist a book.

Here's where we bought books, thanks Steph

I was really taken by the idea of this "mystery" book. There was a basket with about ten different ones in, but this one appealed to me the most.

And here's the book! It looks really interesting, I'll have to pick it up soon.

We went to the supermarket to buy food and alcohol, and then went back to the cottage to relax. Comfort is the name of the game on a weekend away, so we all got into our pyjamas. We had some wine and lit the fire

It didn't actually stay lit for very long but it was really cosy and warm while it did

Sarah finally arrived (she'd been at work and then the gym, and the place wasn't the easiest to find in the dark) so we made punch with a very stringent method of chucking alcohol and pop in until it tasted okay, and then had tea. Sam made a really yummy chilli. Then we had cupcakes - I'd ordered them online and went to pick them up. They were utterly delicious and I'd definitely order them again for a special occasion. I got them from Cakes by BeckiY

Here I am making up a punch. This one was tropical fruit pop, peach schnapps, banana liqueur, I'm not sure what else!

That was the end of our first day. I slept really well in a soft cosy bed!

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