Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Weekend in Derbyshire - Cottage based mini hen do

On the Saturday evening of our weekend away, we threw my friend Sarah a mini hen party. She's getting married in October but I can't make her hen party in June, so we decided to incorporate a mini hen party into our weekend. I asked the others, and we decided we would:

a) have cocktails (always)
b) have hen party favours and so on
c) eat penis shaped pasta
d) watch wedding themed films
e) play stupid games

We each got changed and sent Sarah upstairs while we stuck up ballons and banners and decorated the table. I bought the gift bags on eBay, which is a treasure trove when it comes to hen party stuff. They come flat packed with a few things to put in each, so I did that at home and brought them in a box. I added some sweets and stuff too. They were fun bags.

The bags on the table


And banners!


Me waiting to go upstairs to give Sarah her bride-to-be sash

And Sarah looking surprised! Haha

eBay is a wonder.

Do you like our super classy penis straws? This cocktail had blue curacao in it and god knows what else. It tasted nice though.

I love this photo of Steph

Me and Jacqui blowing bubbles

And I love this one of Steph and me. 

Jacqui before she actually was drunk

I also bought penis shaped pasta on eBay and Jacqui and I made a sort of lasagne bake with it. We had it with garlic bread and salad and afterwards we had cupcakes. again. Last year for my birthday Jacqui bought me this huge bottle of prosecco which is two standard bottles. I hadn't drunk it because I couldn't drink it all by myself, so I took it with us so we could share it. And it was lovely! 

We took lots of selfies and silly pictures and I think Sarah had a good time.

Oh yeah, glowsticks. I bought loads, I'll be wearing them forever.

But aren't they fun?! We brought the feather boas, too. They shed everywhere and we were careful to clean them up before we left on Monday!

Wearing a crown of glow sticks.

Then I made it a necklace. I reall like this photo of me and Jacqui

The hen! She had a tiara and a sash!

Sam brought these deely bopper things, I loved mine

I was channelling Lolly in these glasses, they're fabulous!

Sam brought a streamer cannon thing, we went outside to do it. You can just see the streamers on the right

Me and Sarah

This is what happens when you throw someone a surprise mini hen party


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