Sunday, April 22, 2018

Trip to Meadowhall

Lee and I had had such a nice Easter weekend together - first Roslyn's wedding, and then on the Sunday we'd done some jobs in the house and made a Sunday dinner - that I asked him to stay until the Monday so we could do something together then. It's very hard navigating these kinds of waters where we are living separately but still want to spend time with each other, but we both figure there's no rules so whatever feels fine is good at any particular moment.

We weren't sure what to do, but then I thought it would be nice to go to Meadowhall and go to the Godiva cafe as I knew Lee would like it, and I also wanted to get a few bits there and wander around Hobbycraft. I woke up early to a blanket of snow! Oh no! However, I went back to sleep for a bit and when I woke up it had started to melt so setting off wasn't too difficult.

We got to Meadowhall about half past twelve and went straight to Godiva. It isn't the hugest place and there was a long queue after us. Lee just had a croissant for his first course, he said it was really nice and very like ones you get in French bakeries. I had a smoked salmon sandwich which was really yummy, it had some kind of salty cream underneath the salmon. We each had a hot chocolate which comes with a fancy chocolate basket on top and a white chocolate spoon. Mine was salted caramel which was really nice, it's so thick too. Lee had the classic hot chocolate and really enjoyed it.

Lee had the dessert I had last time, but I went for something different and tried this orange and white chocolate one. It was nice, quite tartly and refreshingly orange, but I preferred the one Lee had so I think I would go for that one again!

We went to HMV and Lush and Paperchase and Warren James, then went over to the retail park to go into Hobbycraft. I was very restrained and only got a pad of paper and some notecards. Cute, though!

Here's some photos from the day:

Quite a bit of snow! I was so cross but at least it didn't stop us doing anything

The spectacular hot chocolate. We saw a person making the chocolate baskets, he piped chocolate on to iced water and then used his hands to make them into a shape. Really cool!

Smoke salmon sandwich

My orange dessert

Lee's mousse dessert

The waitress recommended that we cut the desserts down the middle to see what they look like, mine had this orange puree in the middle.

I was given a really nice set of rose gold earrings and necklace for my birthday so I wanted a ring to go with them. There was the matching ring in Warren James, but I didn't like it on very much, I preferred this one. I really like rose gold, I'm glad it's in fashion at the moment

Sorry about the light behind me, here's what I was wearing. The skirt is from Scarlett and Jo via Evans about four years ago, I love the colour though.

Here's the necklace I was wearing, it is made from a hundred year old postmark! I have a few like this, they're nice to wear

And finally here's what I bought - moisturiser from Lush, and some notecards and paper from Hobbycraft!

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