Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Trip to Wales - Day 1

Lee and I went to Wales over his birthday in the middle of August. We'd been wanting to go away for a few days, but weren't sure where. I'd been hoping for some kind of last minute deal thing, but couldn't find anything cheap enough and it was stressing me out, so Lee took control and decided we'd go to Wales. He looked through a ton of Airbnb listings and we ended up going to The Mousehouse in Llandinam in Powys. It was one of the most stunning places I've ever been, it was gorgeous and I would highly recommend it. In fact, if you're not an Airbnb member, here's my referral link for £25 credit!

Saturday was also Photo An Hour which I joined in with on Instagram, so I think I'll just post these photos and explain a bit more through those!

8am ish at home, I was up and about to get in the shower.

9am, we were packing things up into the car

10am, on our way! This actually isn't quite true because we had to take the cat to my grandma's first of all, but the point remains

11am ish we were on the M62, a motorway I truly truly hate, there's always traffic on it

Noon, in the car

1pm ish, we stopped just into Wales to have lunch

I had a burger and chips, it was really nice

2pm, Wales!

3pm, our cabin. It was just so beautiful, I can't say it enough

The living room and dining table

The kitchen

The bedroom. The bed was super king size and it was just ridiculous! And very comfortable

The metal railing is the deck off the cabin, there's a pond down there and there were lots of ducks that we made friends with

Because it was called the Mousehouse there were little mice everywhere including this one in the roof!

I was also very into these doors which opened to wide and let so much fresh air in

Lee sitting out by the barbecue (which we used the following day)

6pm ish drinking this which was yummy

7pm we were watching Ghostbusters, which I love

We met the chickens! We had been left some of their eggs which was great. They were very friendly

Like I did when we went to Cornwall, I ordered a cake from one of the cafes in our village for £10. It was so worth it. So yummy!

Lee around 10pm

And lastly, me in bed around 11pm!

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