Sunday, October 27, 2019

Trip to York

As I said previously, we went to Lotherton Hall in the morning and then set off to York at around 2pm. We were most of the way there, so it didn't take us long. We parked and then got a taxi into town. We got dropped off by the Minster. It was busy but absolutely beautiful to be in York in the sunshine. I went to York St John uni and graduated from the Minster itself, so it's a place very close to my heart. We walked down High Petergates and Low Petergate, popping into a few shops along the way. We ended up at Kings Square and went into a coffee shop there for a coffee. We'd walked quite a long way around the wildlife park so I was getting tired. So it was nice to pause!

Lee wanted to go in the comic book shop and the record shop down Goodramgate, so he walked me to meet Sam and Jacqui and Kerry, and we went to Evil Eye. It's a very sticky bar that I've been going to since I was nineteen years old and at uni. Sam and Jac always have a cocktail called a Constantine which tastes like Skittles, so I had one of those too. Lee came back and Hilary and Emma joined us, and we stayed there until about 6.45. Jac had made PARTY BAGS for everyone which had flower crowns and glow sticks and toys and sweets and CAKE inside. All birthdays require party bags!

At 6.45 we set off to the Ivy for food. I haven't been before but I've been past it and the one in Harrogate. They have a separate vegetarian menu and have a few vegan options, so I had quite a few choices. I went for avocado and tomato cocktail to start with, which was a nice fresh and spicy salad. Then I had an open halloumi sandwich which was so good, there was avocado and pepper and tomatoes too. I ordered a side of baked sweet potatoes with those, and they took ages to come.

Jac and Hilary each got a little cake and candle because it was their birthday (they're friends and housemates who happen to share a birthday!) and we got some desserts and more drinks. I had a peach bellini and it again took ages to come, so I ended up getting it for free. The food is nice, but the service was a bit lacking to say that it wasn't too busy and that it's priced as a top end restaurant. I would go back if someone wanted to go for their birthday, but I wouldn't choose to go myself.

Afterwards Lee came to meet me and we got a taxi back to the car and then home. It was a long day but it was fun! I was wearing this Scarlett & Jo dress, I put it on because it has pockets and that was useful to put my phone in while we were in the wildlife park, but it also looked quite fancy for the evening. I find the top in this quite uncomfortable, though, so I might cut it off and just wear it as a skirt.

The beautiful Minster in the sunshine

A kiss, I was happier about it than I look!

Flower crowns and superhero masks

All of us in Evil Eye, photo by Sam

Cute little birthday treat

And here's my outfit!

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