Sunday, July 19, 2020

Father's Day Day Out

I messaged my mum the day before Father's Day to ask if we could go over for lunch and to take my stepdad his Father's Day present. We had some picnic stuff left over from the park the day before, so she didn't need to worry about feeding us. She said yes, so we set off about 12.30 and headed over.

We can walk into the back garden without touching a gate or a door, and when we're there we sit apart by at least two metres. We take our camping chairs and picnic set so we're not using their crockery or anything. We washed our hands outside and used antibac throughout the day. It feels safe enough, so we did it. We had lunch together and I had taken stuff to make mojitos so we each did that so we weren't cross contaminating anything that way.

It was sunny but there were clouds coming across quite a lot meaning there were less sunny bits. The wind was quite strong so the clouds were moving quickly. We had some wine and sat for ages. I was enjoying myself just sitting in the sun and being somewhere that wasn't my own house. I think I said that Lee was off work and I was determined that we would both have a break, and I certainly felt relaxed sitting in the sunshine chatting.

We bought my stepdad a gin tasting kit that you do from home, you order it and all the stuff comes to your house but then there's videos you can watch online so that you can be told about the gin and stuff. He really loved it, he likes gin but isn't able to get out much at the moment, so it's ideal. It's my mum and stepdad's 10th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks so they said they might order it for then which would make it quite a nice special occasion for them.

About 5pm I was thinking about tea and I looked at what takeaway options are available at my mum's house, which is in the next town over from us (although only about 15 minutes drive from us thanks to the motorway). I think I've said that I've been missing takeaway options that aren't Indian, Chinese, or kebabs. Well at my mum's a Turkish restaurant popped up, and I immediately thought that sounded great, so I coerced everyone else into it too. Not that they took much persuading! I ordered veggie halloumi kebab and everyone else ordered chicken. It didn't take very long to arrive and it was SO GOOD. We all enjoyed it a lot and it was so nice to eat together.

We left not long after that. I had had sun and alcohol and was very tired! I was wearing this new dress from Simply Be, I got it a couple of weeks ago and the minute I tried it on I knew I would have to keep it. It's got a lovely bardot top which I like as I quite like to show off my shoulders, and the top has all sheered elastic to it which gives it a nice stretch. The bottom has a fake wrap to it, but when I sit down it doesn't split too far, and then it has the nice high low hem too. Plus I absolutely LOVE the print! Everyone agreed it was lovely and when I put it on Instagram I got a ton of comments too! I will be wearing it a lot this summer I think!

Making mojitos

Oh and then blood orange gin in a fancy glass

Halloumi kebab with rice and salad and yoghurt - everything came like this which meant there was plenty for everyone

My view for most of the afternoon

And here's the dress of dreams! Isn't it lovely? 

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