Sunday, July 26, 2020

Lockdown Holiday Day 2

On the second day of our lockdown holiday I was determined we would find somewhere to go paddling. I have really missed swimming and water and I really want to go back to the gym, but obviously only when I'm sure it's safe and currently, I definitely don't think it is. So, a paddle in some water would have to do.

We set off from our house at about 12.30. We packed a picnic and our camping chairs (I swear those are going everywhere with us this summer) and headed to Underbank Reservoir, where we went a few weeks ago over one of the Bank Holidays. I knew it would be quieter and hoped we could sit near a bit where the water was more easily accessible. It was so quiet - there was only another couple at our side of the reservoir, and some sports and fishing going on over the other side. We ate our lunch and some very tame ducks came asking for food, so I fed them some breadsticks. We walked down to the river's edge and paddled. The water gets very deep very quickly and apparently it's very cold, so swimming is prohibited, and you can't paddle very far. But it was nice to put my feet into cold water! I had worn my Saltwater sandals as they're waterproof and ideal for paddling in. They don't look any different afterwards and they soften up easily enough too.

The temptation to chuck myself in the water was extremely high, though!

We drove to Yummy Yorkshire which is an ice cream parlour and currently they have an outlet open for takeaway ice creams. When we arrived, it was all really well set out with loads of signs and felt safe enough. I got a double cone with chocolate and salted caramel, both yummy!

We went home and napped for a bit as we'd both not slept well, I think due to the heat. Then we sat outside and filled up the paddling pool so we could both dip our feet in. It was lush! Lee was working on the flooring in the attic too, it is so almost finished! We ordered pizza too as a treat.


Lee relaxing in the shade

The three ducks brought friends!

I was quite jealous of these people paddle boarding

In the water! In water! 

I was wearing my flamingo skirt and pinkish top, it's one of my favourite summer outfits

Kisses in the queue at Yummy Yorkshire

Yay ice cream!

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