Saturday, January 26, 2013

Simply Be Paisley Dress

When I was on the way to Doncaster for the shopping recently, my mum texted me to tell me to buy any things for myself as birthday presents if I saw anything. Now I don't need to be told twice, so I bought sale items in Simply Be. They were on 3-for-2, so I got three items for about £40!

I had seen this dress on the website and liked it, and in the shop it was just £10. There were eight of us shopping, and five of us ended up buying it! So today all five of us are going to show you how we would style the dress.

I saw on the Simply Be website here that they had paired this dress with red tights, so I did the same, and also slipped on my black heels that I sometimes wear for work and nights out. I wouldn't have thought of pulling the red out of the dress but I'm glad I did as I think the bright tights set it off really well. 

Here you can see the heels better. They are quite low blocky heels so quite comfortable for me, I hate heels usually. The tights are from The Big Bloomers Company which I wholeheartedly endorse. It's a great site. They have tights and underwear and loungewear and even big hospital gowns which is one of the things the NHS should provide but doesn't. Their All Woman tights are seriously SO roomy. I could get me and someone else inside mine. And even though they're only 20 denier they hold up really well, as do these red ones. 

I've tried to get more of a full body shot here but I don't have a full length mirror - I should invest in one. The dress is a nice length on me - about knee length. I'm 5'5" for reference. It is quite clingy though and I have a visible belly outline which I'm not used to. Wearing this will be somewhat out of my comfort zone so I will wear it accordingly!

This is a close up of the print and shows the colour of my tights. I have the same ones in teal which I'll show you at some point. 

One of the reasons I love this dress though is that because of the mock wrap effect it really highlights my hourglass shape, which I like, and also it sits really nicely across my boobs, separating them so there's no 'monoboob' effect, which often happens to me. 

I also really like the sleeve length as they make the dress winter appropriate and save me from wearing a cardigan. 

Finally I must show you my nail polish! I absolutely love nail polish; I have over 200. This one is Nails Inc Chester Terrace, which is a dark teal/blue. It's also matte, which means it isn't shiny. I like it!


  1. You look awesome! Love the red tights too! :D x

  2. I love you in this dress 3 of us went for coloured tights! I think they look fab xx

  3. Love it! I love thebigbloomers co too! They send me tights to try sometimes so they can assess fit, quality sizing etc. Don't want to sound dense but can you add bloglovin or email follow widget so I can follow you? Xxx

  4. looking fab, i was just thinking the same as rachel about 3 of us going for coloured tights.

    going to have a look at the big bloomers never heard of them before x