Monday, June 29, 2015

My new car

So at the beginning of May I banged my car pretty badly on something that shouldn't have been there and it put a huge gash in the passenger side of the car under the door. I could have claimed on my insurance but the prices we got for the repair were almost as much as the car is worth. I didn't like the car very much, either. I had to get it very quickly in 2011 when I managed to write off a car that I LOVED by driving sideways through a drystone wall, and I never gelled with it. Soooo new car it was!

The first two cars I had, including the one I wrote off, were Corsas, and I loved them. The most recent one was a Fiesta, but like I say I didn't like it. So I've gone back to a Corsa, it's silver. I like cars with five doors and this one also has the fitting where you can plug your phone or an mp3 player into the sound system.

So far I'm loving it!


  1. I’m sorry to hear about the car you crashed. But on the other hand, your new car looks really good! Cars with a good sound system are fantastic! It’s a must feature for those music lovers or those who love to go on long drives. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience, Rebecca. Take care!

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru

  2. I would suggest that you stick with the Corsa, since you've had a great experience with that brand. I mean, you were in a tough break in there for a while, with your previous car being demolished. But if there's anything good that can be said about it, it's that it has brought you back to your real car of choice, unscathed.

    Ethel Mcguire @ Vestal Autos

  3. The Corsa sounds like a winner, for you to still seek them out despite having gone through two of them. Sorry to hear about how they all ended up being damaged or something, but at least this has led you to knowing more types of cars. But if it's a keeper, it's a keeper – so a Corsa it is.

    Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia Fishers