Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas swaps and books

I know, I know, by the time you read this Christmas will seem like a far distant memory. But I wanted to write about the swaps I joined in with anyway, because I like to say thank you for all the lovely gifts people send me. I hope that the gifts I sent were happily received too.

This was one of the book swaps I did. The books in question were on my Amazon wish list so I really wanted them, and the hot chocolate, chocolate, and face masks will be eaten and drunk and used!

These gifts were from Jane, in Janet's thrifty gift swap. I've been joining in with this for years now, and I love it. Jane sent me tape and a craft kit, books, chocolate, a heart shaped ornament, and this very cute flamingo cushion. The book on the left is so vintage, I bet it's hilarious

This was a stitching swap I joined it with. I love the homemade ornament at the bottom. 

This was the second book swap I joined in with, and I was incredibly spoilt! The books (all on the left) were ones I wanted, so are gratefully received. The rest are really amazing too!

And here's the swap I did in my penpal group, the item on the top left is a writing set. I love the colours of the wool!

And here are the other books I got. I read The Woman in Black last year and loved it, so my friend Laura bought me this lovely edition with other stories in too, and my mum bought me this book about music which I'd asked for.

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