Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Top Six Selfies of 2016

I shared these over on Instagram (I'm sullen_hearts over there) because my friend Sam tagged me to do so. I went through my selfies (thanks for helping, iPhone) and chose six that I liked.

Top left - in the car in February while on holiday, wearing make up for once
Top right - at Bradford Industrial Museum with Sam and Jacqui, enjoying unseasonable sunshine
Middle left - in France in May, sunbathing in the garden
Middle right - away with Lee in Whitby in July, enjoying some time together
Bottom left - in Galway in September with Sam and Jacqui, watching the sunset
Bottom right - at my graduation in November, on the steps of Sheffield City Hall

I've cut my hair much much shorter this year, and I've got new glasses that I love. Otherwise, I think I haven't changed very much!

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