Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wedding Advice

Loads of people I know have recently got engaged and I gave the advice that I always give, and as I did so I thought it might make a good post. I got married over eleven years ago and I know that some things have changed wildly in that time, but some things really, really haven't. So, here we go. These are mostly for brides who are marrying grooms, because that's my own experience.

  1. Sort out your budget like really really early on. Then work out what's most important to you, whether that be the venue, the clothes, the honeymoon, whatever. Spend your money on that.
  2. Think about what you want people to remember about the day. For us, music was really important, so we made loads of CDs and told the DJ he wasn't allowed to play anything else! It worked because everyone says how great it was
  3. Try on lots of different styles of dresses because you just never know what will suit you
  4. Try on a veil, too. You don't have to have it over your face, of course, But they are so pretty. I had mine clipped into my hair and I loved it.
  5. Don't wear heels unless you're really used to wearing heels, and even then have a pair of flipflops to get changed into later. Your feet will hurt.
  6. If you don't usually wear make up you don't have to wear any, obviously, but if you do, be sure to wear it quite thick and with quite bright lipstick, or you'll look washed out in photos
  7. Your dress doesn't have to be a wedding dress. You can get beautiful dresses nearly everywhere and for a lot less money than a wedding dress. You'll be wearing it for just a few hours out of your life! 
  8. Ditto for your bridesmaids. Look at something like Lindy Bop or a department store website to find something cheaper but still gorgeous for them
  9. If you fall for a certain dress, check online and at outlets for the same dress but cheaper. No one ever has to know
  10. If your groom doesn't want to wear a fancy suit, don't bother with one. Lee wore a smart black shirt, open necked because he hates ties, to get married in, and that was best because he felt comfortable
  11. Things like favours and flowers and centrepieces are lovely, but they're NOT required. If they'll stress you out or you don't have the money, forfeit them. No one will care
  12. I would have different favours if I got married now - ours were pretty, but overpriced and tasted awful. My mum, when she married my stepdad, bought loads of butter tablet on eBay and we all made it into favours. That's her favourite sweet so that's what she wanted! Something like that is really personal to your wedding
  13. As for cakes - wedding cakes are overpriced and dry and rubbish. My advice would be to either ask someone to make it, or to buy a plain iced cake from Marks & Spencer and decorate it yourself with silk flowers or something unique to you. It will taste much better and again no one will ever know you spent £50 not £350. I also really like those "naked" cakes which look stunning
  14. You barely get chance to look at your flowers all day, so my advice is to get fresh flowers preserved. You do need to book it beforehand and sometimes you have to keep them wet or something, so ask a relative or a trusted friend to take this over if you're going away on your honeymoon straight away. You can then keep your flowers forever! I did this and they're on the wall in our bedroom and look beautiful. 
  15. You don't care where your honeymoon is, I swear. You just care that you're there together, so chill out and just book a cottage with a hot tub or something. You'll need to relax and you'll want to spend time together just chatting
  16. Remember to enjoy yourself! It goes so fast and you won't remember it all, you won't speak to everyone you wanted to, so remember to just hold on to the one you're marrying and have fun while you're doing it!

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  1. I got my cake from M&S and it was bloody lovely. This is all great advice. xx